Do I need a permit to build a deck?

Maryland Decking handles all the work to make sure that you comply with city and county permits before our deck builders start working. If you are having a new deck built, then most likely it will be required. We handle this whole process for our clients to make the project easy and stress-free for you.

Can I use my existing framing and install new decking and rails?

Yes, our deck builders can remove the old decking and install new decking. Maryland Decking does not recommend this if your deck structure is over 8 years old. We do not warranty the existing deck framing structure if you do choose to replace the decking and rails. We recommend having our deck builder do a deck inspection prior to the build if you are going with this option. Maryland Decking can make the recommendations and show you the options of building new or building using existing framing to give you a comparison. It will be your final decision. The framing of a deck is the most important part, so you have to make sure your structure will be able to support the new materials for as long as they will last.

Is there a perfect decking material out there?

No there is not. There are pros and cons to every material. Our deck building experts can go over the pros and cons, but we highly recommend weighing all of your options to fit your specific needs. Decking is like technology that is always getting better. Typically the new product lines of decking tend to be better performing.  PVC decking tends to be the best for keeping cool to the feet especially near pool areas, but does tend to contract and expand quite a bit more. The capped composites tend to be hotter to the feet, but gives a more natural wood look. Capped composite is the most common decking material we install because of how similar to wood it looks and how long it lasts.

Do our deck builders use nails or screws to secure the decking?

Our deck builders actually use hidden fasteners to secure all composite decks and is included for free. This provides a nice clean surface without holes on the decking. Wood decking is secured with ring shank nails which hold better than screws. The wood structure is built with screws, lags, hangers, and framing nails as appropriate to application.

Can I pay cash to get a discount?

Maryland Decking does not offer cash discounts. We do accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. We do charge a 3% processing fee if you are paying with a credit card. Also, we offer senior citizen, military, Law Enforcement Officers, and first responder discounts. We offer special promotions on our Facebook page from time to time so follow us to keep in touch.

How long does it take to get a quote back once you take a look at our project?

Depending on the complexity of your project, your quote time can vary. Maryland Decking tries our best to get your quote started right after our consultation, but certain times of the year can cause us to take longer to get a proposal back to you.  We typically send our quotes back to you via email within 3-6 business days. Larger projects may take longer due to getting numbers back from our suppliers.

Do I have to pay a deposit? 

Yes, a 30% deposit is required before our deck builders start any project. This is the maximum amount of deposit that a contractor in Maryland can ask before starting a project. You should feel comfortable with the contractor before paying your deposit, so make sure to look at their previous work and ask for references of past customers to see how well they have done. We would be happy to share our references with you if you would like to talk to our past clients.

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